Monolith Series

Monolith Series

Wash Basin has been a product to awe from when it originated in about the 16th century. It was a privilege enjoyed by the rich in ancient Roman Bath Houses. Most of the basin was made in lead for standard use, but the more exclusive ones were made out of stone. We believe we are continuing the tradition of making the exclusive type of basins in the new era using the new age concrete technology! With the advancement in technology, today concrete has the ability to be moulded into a piece of art that is not just beautiful but functional and durable as well! Concrete wash basins is one such product that can be crafted in this amazing material. Every concrete products is special and has its own unique features, just like individual characteristics. The aesthetics are appealing and the surface finish is superlative!

Litheoz Concrete from Nuance Studio is a highly malleable that sets to become rock solid with high strength and low porosity enabling us to craft products in almost any forms and shape.

Nuance Studio manufactures Luxury concrete basins using their cutting-edge technology of concrete. Concrete wash basins are highly trending and well accepted globally in the recent years. The range of forms, colours, textures that can be used to create these wash basins are only limited to one’s imagination.

With years of experience gained in crafting bespoke and unique wash basin to its exclusive customers, Nuance Studio has now launched a new series of wash basins called “Monolith” where the customer no more needs to limit themselves to buy wash basins that are available off the shelf, but can customize the basins to a great extent. Monolith series wash basins are monolithically cast along with vanity counter, fascia and backsplash if needed.

To begin with, the customer can choose from the wide range of bowl shapes available, then customize it with details such as the length, width and depth of the counter. Placement of the bowl can be centred, off-centred or specified as required. Multiple bowls can be incorporated into 1 piece where he & her concept is applied. The height of the fascia can be decided to suit the design language. A back splash can be added if required. All of these are manufactured as one single monolithic piece where joints are a thing of the past.

These wash basins, not only look beautiful and elegant but are functional too. There are no joints between the counter and wash basins. This simplifies cleaning, maintenance and promotes hygiene. The surface is coated with multiple layers of breathable advanced sealer system that keeps the wash basin resistant to stains from daily encountered ingredients such as food, soaps, nail polish removers, oils, vinegar, wine, lime, etc. The surface of the wash basin can be refurbished to make them look as good as new by waxing them periodically if required. Installation of Monolith Series wash basin is very simple as well. It can be installed onto L brackets or placed on a carcass that is generally built for storage below the basins. Nuance Studio lives by its belief! “ We are Concrete About our Passion”.

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