Beautiful Flaws, Captured in Time

Beautiful Flaws, Captured in Time


Lines, patterns, and structures have evolved to capture the zeitgeist of iconic eras. But when we define beauty, our minds race towards memories of timeless places. Of raw, weathered locations; A spot in your garden or perhaps a bench on a hill. Nature has taught us what true beauty is. When structures and places tell a story, that’s when you know that you are experiencing something that transcends time.

For Nuance, our love for concrete has inspired us to recreate these experiences and tell stories through our beautiful, functional, and everlasting pieces. This vision to capture unique moments has inspired us to celebrate innate imperfections. We like exploring textures that differentiate our products naturally – textures that live on for generations. Wood is one of the natural mixtures of compounds whose surface texture inspires us.

Wood has played an integral part in the journey of thousands of years for humans. People have used timber to enhance life by building houses and crafting tools. Many of these early creations have stood the test of time. Yet, some succumb to the natural order of decay and disintegration – to once again reclaim their space in nature. When humans cut and use timber for their needs, they rarely stop to look at the blemishes or defects that come from the cuts on each piece of lumber. More often, these imperfections are polished out. Yet, it is those details that tell a unique story. And when wood decays and re-joins nature, the uniqueness is forgotten. Here is where concrete comes into the picture.

Since the invention of concrete almost two centuries ago, humankind has explored ways to realise innovative designs that would leverage the flexibility and strength of concrete. Today, at Nuance Studio, we use one of the most advanced forms of concrete known as Litheoz. It enables us to recreate natural beauty that lasts a lifetime. With Litheoz, we can capture nature’s imperfections – every tiny detail that interacts with its surroundings, every crevice and blemish that plays with lights and shadows.

Our new wood textured products are designed in collaboration with Wood Labs, pioneers in woodwork. Both Nuance and Wood Labs have a common idea of capturing the essence of wood. The wooden texture exudes warmth and is known to bring balance to space. Litheoz helps encapsulate this natural texture and makes it last forever. Our expert craftsmen, designers, and engineers have a trained eye to notice features that stand out without compromising the integrity of the structure or design. Every detail that you would see on the wood series of products will have been carefully inspected and allowed to exist by design.

The knots in the wood grain are an example of the imperfections that showcase the aesthetics of woodwork. However, these knots impact the strength and reliability of the wood. When we capture these knots in concrete, we manage to retain the aesthetics of wood texture while infusing a longer life. The wood texture speaks differently to each person and leaves a personal imprint, making each product appeal to many generations.

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