Brutalism Redefined

Brutalism Redefined

The trend of showcasing the timelessness of concrete structures started in the era of Brutalism Architecture. Brutalism is derived from the French word “Brute Beton” meaning raw concrete. The buildings with concrete architecture portrayed a raw, robust and bulky attitude. Concrete products were criticised in many instances for being a cold material. Vis-à-vis it provided a strong, timeless, confident and an aesthetic appeal. There are always people who love or criticize concrete products.

Eventually, the trend of concrete products passed the test of time, slowly but steadily, many architects and designers across the globe adopted the material in their design language and started designing buildings with casted concrete. Since design is always based on culture and practice, many styles of design using concrete products started to evolve. The technological advancement of the material over the period of time has paved way to use the material in many different verticals, not limiting to construction.

“What’s Nice About Concrete is it Looks Unfinished” quotes the world-renowned architect and designer Zaha Hadid. The best thing about the new age concrete such as Litheoz – Ultra-high performance concrete or in short UHPC by Nuance Studio is its stronger with superlative surface finish and more versatile in multiple folds. It can be casted into almost any shape and form required. Every piece crafted in concrete turns out to be a master piece. The untamed nature of concrete products, the imperfections and its rawness awes every designer and compliments modern age architecture and interiors. The new age concrete products are not just limited as building material but it has carved its niche in products made for the Luxury segment of the design industry. Global designers are taking advantage of this new age concrete to create Luxury products such as Concrete furniture, Concrete wash basins, Concrete cladding, lifestyle accessories, the list goes on! These products are proudly celebrated as a master piece in Luxury Homes, Corporate offices and hospitality industry. Nuance Studio has mastered the art of crafting such master pieces over time for all the mentioned segments.

The new age Concrete is a highly durable material. Apart from its longevity, the concrete ages gracefully and breathes… just like natural stone or wood. Unlike synthetic material, it doesn’t freeze in time or deteriorate. The aging of concrete products adds a sense of being alive and lives along the test of time. Concrete is timeless!

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