Draftsmen create technical drawings from the designs of architects, Industrial designers and engineers. They incorporate measurements and details for construction, use CAD software to print schematics for use by architects, building contractors, and engineers, and enter CAD data to create 3-D design models.

We are looking for a detail-oriented draftsman to join our design team. You will be creating technical drawings for Tile laying, shop drawings for the factory and drawings for vendors incorporating exact measurements and visiting site for measurements and installation supervision . Create 3D models for feasibility analysis and conceptualization.

To be successful as a draftsman you should possess solid knowledge of computer-aided design (CAD) software, and the ability to apply the fundamentals of sketching and design. A top-notch architectural draftsman will be someone whose drafting expertise contributes to structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Architectural Draftsman Responsibilities:

  • Analyzing feasibility of designs shared by architects by creating 3D models in sketch up and discussing with the designer.
  • Creating technical drawings from designers’ sketches and specifications.
  • Using CAD software to create drawings that incorporate exact site measurements and calculations for tile laying, fabrication and other detail drawings.
  • Printing CAD drawing schematics for use by designers, architects and construction managers.
  • Creating 3D models in Sketch Up for factory shop drawings and rendering.
  • Visiting construction sites to perform measurements and calculate dimensions as needed.
  • Collaborating with architects and construction engineers to ensure adherence to the installation process and specifications.
  • Visiting and coordinating with vendors to track the progress in the projects.
  • Preparing drawings on Corel Draw for laser cutting and router cutting.
  • Editing images on Photoshop.

Architectural Draftsman Requirements

  • An diploma degree or certification program in civil engineering, architectural drafting, or similar.
  • Prior experience as a draftsman will be advantageous.
  • Advanced proficiency in computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  • Proficient in Sketch Up.
  • Proficiency in Corel Draw and Photoshop will be advantageous.

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