The Essence of Litheoz

Litheoz stands apart from conventional concrete due to its technologically advanced and engineered features.

Imagine a material that can be custom molded into varied forms, homogeneously pigmented to achieve a range of colors and fine textures.

With intricate processes and balanced formulations, Nuance Studio has taken concrete and fashioned it to an elevated, luxury material - 'Litheoz'.

Litheoz is an ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete (UHPFRC), carefully engineered to redefine the abilities of concrete while creating a perfect blend of technology and allure.

Compressive Strength

Precisely measured ratios and meticulously engineered processes ensure high packing density and fewer capillary pores resulting in high compressive strength (100 - 120 mpa).

Flexural Strength

Litheoz is reinforced in micro and macro levels with a matrix of fibres ensuring high flexural strength. The material has 6 times greater flexural strength over conventional concrete and has chip-resistant properties.

Particle Packing

The presence of micro sized particles and high particle packing density helps effortlessly replicate even the smallest of details from the mold allowing for myriads of textures and superlative surface finishes.

Nuance Studio has created these textures replicated from the mold as well as naturally formed textures that are non-repetitive in nature.

Homogenous colouring

The base color of Litheoz is white. It is homogenously colored using the highest grade of UV resistant pigments. The colourfastness of these pigments range between 7 and 8 (8 being the highest).

This allows carefree use of the products in indoor and outdoor spaces. Homogenous mixing of pigments into Litheoz naturally creates distinct mottled tones that give a natural and earthy appeal.

Surface Treatments

A dense structure with fewer capillary pores prevents water from seeping past the surface of Litheoz, making it inherently resistant to external conditions.

To maintain its pristine surface finish, Litheoz is surface treated to provide protection against commonly known stains.

When Design Plays with Technology

Nuance Studio's product designers use methods ranging from traditional handmade molds to CNC made molds to manufacture products.

The rheology of Litheoz enables it to be cast into a mold by spraying, pouring, or injecting. It can also be sculpted by hand. The ideal manufacturing process for each product may differ and is selected according to the desired output.

Litheoz has been growing at a rapid pace, picking up on the needs of the market and presenting unique solutions. With this customizable material, Nuance Studio has been able to create a number of options under each vertical for many spaces, few of which are Perspectiles, Indoor and Outdoor furniture, Doors, Counters, Large Washbasins, Decoratives, and Accessories.