Distessed Texture Wall Panels
It’s very important that the materials used in a space complement each other. Concrete has always proved to provide a very subtle and subdued ambience, where the other materials used along with concrete would complement without a struggle for importance. Wall Panels from Nuance Studio are manufactured using a cutting-edge technology of concrete called Litheoz. Spoilt by choice, there are different sizes, colours and textures available. This enables the designer to set the right mood and ambience required by the space. Distressed Texture wall panels are used in this project to provide a rustic and a timeless feel to the elevation that compliment well with wood and greenery.

Concrete Wall Panels, unlike other materials and finishes used to replicate the concrete surface, are very unique in nature. Every panel that is casted has its own characteristics, its own mottling tones and play of shades – “just like human”!
Genuineness and the real essence of a material can never be replicated to its best by using alternatives. The wall panels are extremely durable in outdoor conditions and would seek very less maintenance in days to come. It is important that the project ages well along the years and remain a pride possession to eternity. Concrete wall panels ensure to keep up to this requirement. Concrete ages beautifully just like other natural materials such as stone and wood. Simple, Subtle & Concrete!
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